Practicing law in Budapest

The legal office led by Ágnes B. Horváth, provides full service for its clients both in English and Hungarian languages, its practice is in collaboration with experts and other legal offices.

Our primary fields involve civil law, law of taxation, law of properties and economic law, particularly pharmaceutical commercialisation and company law. The office is ready to fulfil all requirements of individuals, international business enterprises and private enterprises by representing their interests in legal proceedings, case advices, continuous standing orders, editing and validating documents nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to build long term client relationships, approaching the present problem in a practical, client-centered way, offering the most efficient solution on high professional level.

Profile of our managing partner

Dr. B. Horváth Ágnes is ambitious and professional lawyer with up to date skills.

Work flexibility and dynamism is her characteristic. Her aim is not to issue a drag as long as possible, but to provide the clients with the best possible solutions in the shortest possible time.

Our senior attorney put particular emphasis on the fact to cultivate good business relationships with her clients, not only look the issues through the law, but through the client's eyes. Not intended to be incomprehensible, or not trying to impress you with legal technical jargon or paragraphs. Rather she seeks to talk to a language that is understood by her clients as well.